Customized Paper Tubes & Cores

Expertly Designed & Produced


Health and Safety

Prioritizing people: A secure, nurturing environment for
employees, customers, suppliers, visitors, and the
community, ensuring safety and well-being.


Built on integrity and transparency, we value strong
relationships with our people, customers, and business
partners. We wholeheartedly uphold our promises, ensuring
diligent fulfillment.


Committed to evolving customer demands, we
continually enhance our products to align with
advancing machinery technologies.


Sustainable materials, our tubes and cores are crafted from
100% recycled coreboard and biodegradable glue. Our
production waste is recycled, transforming tubes, cores, and
paper into new sustainable paper products.

Company Profile

An independent business, based in India, Pavack is one of the largest high-end tube and core manufacturing companies, under one roof, in the world.

We design and produce paper tubes and cores, mainly, for synthetic yarn, non-woven fabric, film and flexible packaging, paper and board manufacturers. We also produce paper edgeboards to protect your goods during storage and shipment.

We started with a small group of young and dynamic professionals working to meet our customers’ needs and we have grown, now, to a family of 330 dedicated people serving customers in more than 2countries.

We combine a highly innovative structure, by use of the latest technologies and investment in R&D, with our international expertise in the area - so that your business can always be at its best.